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Maurizio Testa

Tourism Marketing

Maurizio Testa,
sui generis figure in Italy – not only professor of tourism marketing but also a long-time hotellier in his boutique hotel on the island of Elba - his books and training courses blend his dual role of educator and entrepreneur.

This alchemy gives rise to valuable ideas for SMEs: operational manuals and seminars that draw a red line through the plethora of often totally unrealistic and ineffective promotional strategies abounding in the dense network of small tourism businesses, who represent the backbone of the Italian service sector.

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Maurizio Testa's challenge is to work in marketing for SMEs, with a serious commitment that has been translated into a range of multifunctional activities which go beyond the simple role of manager, writer or teacher. This is reflected in articles published by Il Sole 24 Ore or on the pages of the Corriere della Sera and in the textbooks selected and used by major Italian universities. But Maurizio Testa also responds to the complex and sensitive area of marketing solidarity events worldwide.

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